It is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water daily to stay healthy and especially to stay hydrated. But consuming this amount of water per day still does not seem obvious to some people. The reasons remain diverse and varied (a busy schedule, something else to drink: like coffee or cocktails and the fear of having to spend half the day in the toilet). However, it should be remembered that drinking water throughout the day allows you to: cleanse the body while eliminating toxins, regulate your satiety, maintain the volume of blood in the body, regulate body temperature, facilitate intestinal transit…

Did you know that the human body is constantly losing water? and that it is evaporated during physical efforts or eliminated with metabolic waste. In order not to be dehydrated, we must renew our internal stock throughout the daytime. In any case, poor hydration can lead to migraines and headaches, eye pain, decreased vision, back pain, constipation, sleep disturbances, mood swings, fatigue, muscle aches … so before you rush on medications objectively ask yourself these questions: what about my diet and my hydration? Many daily inconveniences are linked to it and small changes can change your life. So I’m giving you some tips to help you drink more (water) every day.


This is a ritual that I do myself daily, it is for this reason that there is always a bottle of water at the bedside of my bed. It only takes a moment and allows you to start or end the day in style. Drinking water when you wake up helps to rebalance the body’s hydration leveland boost the metabolism. And it is even more effective when you consume hot water on an empty stomach: it eliminates toxins and burns calories effortlessly.


If you want to vary the pleasures or If you find the water a little bland, try tointegrate different flavors into your water: Lemon, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, mint, basil, lavender, cucumber, watermelon, ice cubes… there are fragrances for all tastes.

Do not throw yourself onflavored waters… These are often too sweet. If you can’t live without them, then choose them without sugar.


Thirst is your body’s warning signal. When this sensation arises, the body is already dehydrated,it’s almost already a little late and suddenly you can feel tired. So don’t wait to feel thirsty to get you a glass of water. Take a bottle of water with you everywhere and drink regularly to avoid this feeling.


There are many free apps likeWaterlogged or Daily Water that can help you track and analyze your daily water intake. And send you reminders. You will see, it is a matter of getting used to it, then it rolls.


Be aware that water is not the only way to stay hydrated!Foods with high watercontent like cucumber,thelettuce,the celery, the radish, watermelon, the tomato, spinach, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, zucchini and other raw fruits and vegetables can contribute to your daily water intake. Do not hesitate to include them in your meals.

And you ? Do you have trouble drinking water during the day or is it a reflex?



Hello, I hope you are doing well at the start of the week! everything is fine here, morale boost with the arrival of spring (even if it is very cold at the moment). Social networks are a significant source of information, communication and entertainment and I am not ready to let them down. But we have to admit that we always feel better when we avoid excesses and that there are a lot of other options available to us rather than endlessly scrolling aimlessly. . Solidarity, solitary, outdoor, militant, recreational alternatives, online or not. Today I’m talking about things to do instead of scrolling aimlessly on your phone like we all do sometimes.


What is your morning routine? What is the first thing you usually do as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? If your first action is to systematically check your phone, then give up this bad habit right away. By consulting your phone when you wake up, you waste a lot of time concentrating on futile, even useless things, who are not actually there. All this to postpone, what you can do during this important moment of your day. The first hour of the day is crucial. This is where it all comes down to it. Hence the importance of developing an effective morning routine. It will determine and define your state of mind throughout the day. It will determine and define your state of mind throughout the day. When I go to sleep at night, for example, I leave my phone in another room of the house and I have also invested in an alarm clock. In the morning I don’t touch my phone until I finish getting ready to go to work, for example. And if I’m not working, I take the opportunity to do a little meditation, write the scripts for my YouTube videos, plan my blog posts or simply go out for some fresh air…


I find it increasingly difficult to stay focused on a task, because there are so many distractions, notifications and demands that come our way all the time! Of course, it is also unrealistic to expect to stay focused for hours at a time. What I do is time how many hours I’m supposed to spend in a day in front of my apps. I also used to work with « TO DO LIST »: I write down everything I have to do in a day or during the week and I check off what I have already done as I go along. I also recommend the Pomodoro technique: the objective is to stay 100% focused on a single task for 25 min (called a session), a short break of 5 min separates each session and then a longer break comes after multiple sessions. In short, this technique is very simple to use: all you need is a timer and iron discipline while remaining tough and effective.


We’ve all had that nasty feeling of talking to someone, but not feeling fully listened to, because the other person is staring at their phone. Since we know it’s something painful to feel, let’s try not to make others suffer it either. We often spend so much time on social media apps and sites that we don’t realize how much time we’re wasting with friends and family in real life. So let’s make a conscious effort to spend healthy, quality time with our friends and family offline. Let’s make sure we don’t pick up our phone unless absolutely necessary. Whether it’s over a meal or watching a movie, let’s focus on being present in the moment rather than posting to our Instagram or Facebook page.


If there’s one thing I like to do these last few months while I’m tidying up or cooking, or while I’m cleaning, it’s listening to podcasts. Otherwise I also like to listen to audiobooks with audible.


We accumulate a lot of mess over time. Decluttering your house/apartment often allows you to have a freer and lighter mind as if you had tidied up your head at the same time as at home. The goal is to find your things more quickly and you gain plenty of space to store them. It’s so much easier and faster to clean up afterwards. The fewer objects you have, the fewer things you have to store, clean, dust off…in short, the more tidy and easy to clean it is, the more motivated you are to keep the space that way. Besides, you can make a few pennies by selling things you no longer use. It often makes you want to reduce your consumption. And when you see all the stuff you’re piling up and the energy it takes to get rid of it, you think twice before buying new things. All benefits for the wallet and the environment! And you ? What is your relationship with your phone? Do you sometimes feel like you’re scrolling aimlessly?



Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. Let’s extend International Women’s Day with a small selection of initiatives that I find important. But before that, let’s make it clear again, March 8 is not Women’s Day, but that of our rights. The purpose of March 8is not that we have promotions on make-up, lingerie or household appliances, but that we can take stock of where we are in the fight for fairness and equal rights. Quite simply because everywhere on the planet, in 2022, we are not there yet, and as one would say: the fight continues. It’s a day to gather, discuss, reflect and see how to move forward even more together in the face of a lack of visibility, credibility and respect, not a day to receive the roses.


Victim of sexual and educational violence in her childhood,Axelle Jah Njikerecounts her resilience and the paths that led her to become a voice that counts among black feminist women. It’s a book that marks, that upsets, that proves that the experience of a single woman can resonate with many women. She also has a podcast: Me MySex and I (two Fridays a month). By listening to this podcast, we enter the lives of black women through a very small door that we usually rarely open:intimacy.


JE TE CROIS est un podcast en plusieurs épisodes dans lesquels une femme RACHIDA raconte les mécanismes de l’emprise, de la violence conjugale et de comment elle a réussi à s’en sortir pour aider d’autres femmes victimes. I find that the podcast is very well done, because it covers various aspects with qualified speakers… in short, Rachida will take us to meet those who believed her precisely, those who held out a hand to her, those whom she also had to confront. . This is a podcast that I really recommend you listen to.


This mini-series is not just entertainment, it is a documentary that addresses sexual violence in the different forms it can take. She also talks about the importance of sorority and the weight of intergenerational trauma… The series seems necessary, as it shows in an uninhibited way the daily life of racialized individuals, and the reality of the psychological violence experienced by victims of sexual assault.


Blues et féminisme noir explore l’œuvre de deux blueswomen quelque peu oubliées : Gertrude “Ma” Rainey (1886-1939) et Bessie Smith (1894-1937). The first embodies the traditional blues, the second, the classic blues. Devalued by blues and jazz specialists who are generally white men, the work of these singers carries a specific message: it affirms the place and demands for autonomy of black American women. By analyzing and contextualizing the lyrics of their songs, Angela Davis highlights the beginnings of black feminism and the harbingers of the great emancipatory struggles to come. It shows that Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith were the first rock stars in the history of music: they were black, bisexual, party girls, independent and brawlers…


Les Glorieuses est une newsletter féministe créée en 2015 qui fait la promotion de l’égalité totale entre hommes et femmes : chaque semaine, les Glorieuses aborde différentes thématiques telles que les discriminations de genre, le post-féminisme, les inégalités salariales, la littérature, la culture ou la sexualité. But Les Glorieuses also forms a community of 300 members who regularly organize meetings and events around the feminist struggle.


Tchika mag is the first magazine for girls aged 7 to 12. The magazine covers themes such as science, ecology, animals, evolving professions. Tchika also presents portraits of important and influential people. A fun and exciting magazine for young girls who want to learn while having fun.

And you ?
What have been your favorites or recent discoveries?



Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. On this day of March 8, symbolizing International Women’s Rights Day highlighting the fight for women’s rights, I invite you to watch these 8 documentaries (to see on Netflix) to fully understand the issues and the need for feminism for a fairer society. March 8 is International Women’s Rights Day: an opportunity to become aware of sexism, to listen to our demands, to take stock of the fight.


“Period, End of Sentence”shines by its subject, elegantly defended: the taboo of menstruation in India… We do not cry over his fate and we make sure to change his condition by taking concrete decisions. These women who decide to manufacture sanitary napkins to preserve their dignity, it is noble. Because yes, it’s a huge taboo in India as the documentary explains and showing everyone (even men) being genuinely embarrassed by the question was necessary. We are shown women who are too busy investing themselves to complain, no way to complain. It’s nice to see. I also like this camaraderie between them, this close-knit group exudes something deeply human.


Since 1996, the Congo has been torn apart by war. The very significant mining resources in the east of the country have led armed militias to fight a bloody battle, causing atrocities against the surrounding civilian populations. The militias use rape as a weapon, with the aim of terrorizing people, and most of the victims are women. While the scale of this disaster is difficult to quantify, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health estimates that 48 women are raped every hour in Congo.
This heartbreaking film focuses on a center, created in 2011 in eastern Congo, intended to help women victims of sexual violence during the mining conflicts that rage in the region. Created by Doctor Denis Mukwege (Nobel Peace Prize 2018), Christine Schuler Deschryver (women’s rights activist) and Eve Ensler (author of the “Vagina Monologues”), the refuge baptized “City of Joy” operates like a boarding school. The women stay there for six months and devote themselves entirely to their reconstruction.


This short film tells the story of Congo’s biggest rape trialwhere soldiers were accused of extreme violence against their own people.
The documentary gives voice to many women, whose strong and powerful testimonies are all the more terrible as some of them tell them without hatred or anger, almost like a story that does not matter despite the words. horrible things that pass their lips.


This intense documentary follows the real cases of young American women who have fallen into child prostitution after being tricked by the classifieds of a newspaper. They are drugged and forced into prostitution… The fight of several mothers to condemn the leaders of the websites that offer sexual services to minors.


Two high school girls, in different cities, were sexually assaultedby boys they considered friends. This online harassment leads girls to attempt suicide. One of them dies tragically. This aggression, in the age of social media, is explored through the perspective of the girls and boys involved and through communities torn apart.


They marked history and upset the codes. But their fight is far from over. This documentary paints a portrait of the scandalous women who were at the origin of the feminist movement in the 1960s. The film sweeps perfectly and with great passion all the issues taken up by these courageous women, who defied the mockery, norms and stereotypes incumbent on their sex.


Israeli beauty queen Linor Abargil was abducted and raped in Milan, Italy, two months before she was crowned Miss World in 1998. Ten years later, she is ready to talk about it and encourage others to speak up. Now a globetrotting victim advocate, Linor encourages others to stand up against sexual violence by ending their silence. She travels to talk with teenagers in South Africa, where girls are statistically more likely to be raped than educated. For victims of sexual assault, the journey to wholeness never ends; Always, Linor Abargil, the BRAVE MISS WORLD, continues her unwavering efforts to keep nightmares at bay.


A documentary that helps to understand the notion of toxic masculinity and why it is important to review the way boys are brought up.
How do you become yourself as a man in a country like the United States where the cult of warrior or stoic masculinityis relentlessly imposed from an early age? How can you then be able to manage your emotions when you are not supposed to have them? The documentary gives voice to adolescents, psychologists and sociologists. He details, sometimes with humor, the consequences of this education which demeans girls and locks boys behind a heavy mask to wear: lack of self-confidence, addiction to pornography, video games, suicides and homicides. Another way of understanding American civilization.

Tell me in the comments, which feminist documentaries do you watch and recommend? I can’t wait to read your recommendations …



Every year, January is a month that I always look forward to. Every year, January is a month I always look forward to. Not only is it the first month of the year (the most depressing month according to psychologists), but it’s my birthday month. I don’t know about you, but I like to commemorate my birth. I love celebrating my birthday, I love celebrating life, how lucky I am to wake up every morning and be healthy, have a place to sleep, have lovely parents who are always there for you, to have loved ones I can count on…in short, to have love, kindness around me.
I like getting old, I like getting old, that’s a fact. And it always makes me smile to see the reaction of my interlocutors when I say that without flinching.And it always makes me smile to see the reaction of my interlocutors when I say that without flinching. Besides, one of my relatives told me this morning “you are brave to put your age on your WhatsApp status”, to which I replied that I was not ashamed of my age and that I am aware that certain. just weren’t lucky enough to reach the age I am today. Whether in my childhood neighborhood, in high school, at university or in my surroundings, I have seen many people my age who have died and who would have been 29 today like me if life no had not decided otherwise. Because of this, I feel blessed and grateful to be here today, here and now and to be able to enjoy every moment.
It was with great gratitude that I woke up this morning. I have a new chance to enjoy life and continue to achieve my dreams. For these 29 years, I simply wish myself good health and the rest will follow. Besides, I trust the universe as usual.
So I thank universe for my family, my friends, all the people I love, those who love me and support me on a daily basis. Thank you to you who follow me on my various social networks and a big thank you for your messages. How do you celebrate your birthday?



Our own educational scheme or even our environment often make us believe that certain actions or behaviors are justifiable or even normal. There are therefore many adults who believe in “good faith” that using VEOs “is a good education” and that there is no other way for the child to become “someone good “. According to them, this is how the child can learn better, progress and, above all, behave well. Moreover for these adults, there cannot be “good education” without VEO, which is understandable when we note that the majority of adults or education professionals have been brought up with punishments, spankings, threats, humiliations, insults, false promises … they reproduce (without knowing the impact of this violence on children) generally the way they were educated themselves without having thought about it, without wanting or being able to cause their parents. It can also be very painful to look back on your own childhood, to criticize, to question the education you received, to point fingers at your parents.

So what is a VEO? what are the consequences for a child? how to get away from it?

Ordinary educational violence refers to the physical, psychological and verbal violence, often admitted and tolerated, that we inflict on our children for educational purposes. From spanking and slapping to the hand, humiliation, conditioned love, threats, guilt of children or blackmail. We then speak of mistreatment, even if the word may seem strong. It is called “educational” because it is an integral part of education at home, at school, in short in all places where the child lives. And “ordinary” because it is often daily and considered normal, mundane, harmless and sometimes even encouraged by some of our relatives. Who has not yet heard a loved one tell him “Let your baby cry, he’ll calm down on his own anyway.” ” or “Be careful, your child makes you walk / manipulate … you must not be manipulated by your child otherwise he may overwhelm you and you will no longer know how to do …” ; For me, this kind of talk reinforces parents in the idea that we must “correct children from a very early age. Applying these VEOs without thinking, however, does not allow us to understand the peculiarities of the child, his great emotional fragility, the immaturity and the vulnerability of his brain. Suddenly I wonder in the child-parent relationship, who has the dominant place? who is the most fragile? which of the 2 tyrannizes over the other, the parent or the child? in any case, the relationship between children and parents is morally and physically unequal. The parent dominates the child by his moral, psychological and intellectual hold, but above all by his physical strength.

VEOs are practiced by some adults with the aim of “educating” the child or modifyingbehavior deemed “unacceptable“, except that these VEOs are serious and can have serious consequences on children: aggressiveness, disturbances in attention, depression, lack of confidence and self-esteem … children who have undergone VEO are disturbed at age adult in their way of living for example, their ability to flourish and lead a life in relation to what she would like. More often than not, the child does not revolt against his parents, but all this accumulated violence spills out on his class friends, his brothers and sisters, then later on the spouse and his own children. A child who is hit finds it normal to hit and vice versa, or a child who is humiliated often gets used to being humiliated and finds it normal to humiliate others. Sudden violence will teach children to resolve conflicts through violence and the balance of power. Physical violence (spanking, slapping. Kicking, pushing, pinching, pushing, brutally grabbing a child, etc.) teach children, for example, that we can be hit because we are loved or that we can hit because we love someone and therefore violence becomes a norm..

The purpose of this article is not to make people feel guilty, but to raise awareness and reflect. In general, it is important to avoid gentle violence because it has a negative impact on the development of a human’s brain.
It is important to think that a child is a full human with his opinions, his choices, his own thoughts. It’s not about letting him do whatever he wants, or giving him a bunch of choices (because that’s bad for his brain too), but rather showing him that his ideas matter. Of course, there’s no question of letting him put himself in danger either. But bear in mind that sometimes we think something is not happening when in reality why not. As long as there is no danger to his physical and mental health.

How to get away from VEOs?

Just as the child is asked to make amends instead of being punished, we, as parents, can make amends for our actions and words that have gone too quickly. Let us place ourselves at the height of the child, ask him what we can do to take care of him, explain to him that we are particularly tired, stressed at this given moment in our life, and that our gesture / word exceeded our will and our love for him. Let us remind him how much we love him, and that we will always love him, no matter what.
As humans, we all have flaws, and are all vulnerable to others, adults and children. It is no longer dramatic if we realize it, if we admit the problem, that we intend to take care of the other and do what it takes to fix it. With awareness comes the beginning of the journey towards other habits, new approaches which, added to each other, with the efforts of each one, will lead to a better world with caring human beings.

Better than repair, there is also prevention. Let’s ask ourselves about our behaviors, and our real goals and wishes as parents:
what is really important to us? that the child stays at the table until all the adults have finished, or does our child feel happy, not coerced and humiliated in front of others?
What kind of an individual do we want to see grow up with us? a child crumbling under the constraints and submissions from an adult world, or a happy little being, free to develop at their own pace and according to their own needs?

Let’s not hesitate to let go: there is not and never will be a perfect child, nor is there a perfect parent. All these old methods, in particular the rites around the meal, the bedtime, the obligations of politeness or of attention towards people that the child does not know or does not recognize, or does not appreciate, do they really do good to the children? children? or, on the contrary, does it not engage us in daily conflicts and discomfort? Let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes of the children, especially try to remember how we felt, ourselves, as a Child, in all honesty and without lying to each other, it helps a lot to change the situation.
Let us reconsider our priorities, meditate, desecrate what has built us: evolve, change, towards a better world for children.

In order to get rid of gentle educational violence, we must above all not be in denial, but on the contrary accept that it is being done and that it has a negative impact on the child; we must also want to change. Of course, this will not happen in a day, in a week or even in a month. You have to take the time to think about it, and engage in a global and daily reflection: is this gesture / this word a gentle violence? does it hurt my child? does it take us away from each other? why am I doing this without realizing it? how can I get rid of it?

If not, have you ever heard of the gentle, ordinary educational violence? Do you understand better? How do you feel ?



I love to lay on my bed with my computer and spend hours crying, laughing, getting angry … in front of these characters that ….. And thanks to platforms like Netflix or Amazon prime video, we have access to an impressive number of series on a wide variety of subjects. We suddenly find something interesting to watch, so I recommend his series:

My faithful friend


Synopsis: A single mother begins an adulterous affair with a married man. The young woman becomes friends with the scorned wife. The more she dates with each other, the more she wonders about the terrible secrets these two can hide behind the appearance of a happy and successful marriage.

MY OPINION : An effective series worthy of a good psychological thriller. This series literally took my breath away and this ending… what can I say! really what to say! it’s a real twist. The acting is simply impressive and the outcome of the series is just magnificent, when we arrive at the end, everything turns upside down in our brain, we can go so far as to question everything so much nobody can expect to such an end.



Synopsis: The true story of Marie, a teenage girl accuses of lying about being raped, and of the investigation by two detectives.

MY OPINION : What a slap !! I don’t think any show has gripped my stomach and heart so much as this one.
This is the story of Marie Adler, a raped young woman whose testimony is questioned until the police force her to admit that she lied. From then on, we are faced with a traumatized young woman to whom everyone turns their backs for this lie which is not a lie. The story could have ended there, if her rapist was not a serial criminal, who will be tracked down by two much more conscientious policewomen, a few states away.
The script makes effective everything this story has to share: We feel an immense hatred in the face of the visceral injustice that is unfolding before our eyes, the distress of the victims, the disgust for the police officers doing their jobs badly, and a mad envy. to accompany and support those who will do everything to track down the serial rapist in question … This is the follow-up of a police investigation as well as the daily follow-up of a rape victim humiliated and rejected by his relatives whom she can no longer trust.




Synopsis : Annalize Keating has all the qualities required in a criminal law professor. Bright, passionate, creative and charismatic, she also symbolizes everything you wouldn’t expect: sexy, unpredictable and dangerous. Whether in a trial or in a classroom, Annalize is ruthless. A defense lawyer, she represents criminals, from the most violent to those suspected of simple fraud. His goal is to do almost everything in his power to gain their freedom. In addition, each year Annalize selects a group of students, who turn out to be the smartest and most promising, to come and work in her practice. Because learning from Annalize is the opportunity of a lifetime, one that can change everything for these students, and this forever. This is exactly what happens when they find themselves implicated in an assassination that will rock the whole university …

My opinion : incredible series, endearing characters with life stories as poignant as each other, essential casting, breathtaking intrigues, emotional encounters, unexpected upheavals organized in such a way as to surprise and please the viewer. Even if some passages can be boring or heavy, they are nonetheless essential at the end of the seasons where everything unraveled giving me a feeling of enormous joy and relief. I will just say that the end of the series is just right perfect with the culmination of everything. As we often say, the loop comes full circle.




Synopsis: Tensions escalate in Jersey City when a teenage boy from the African American community is seriously injured by a police officer …

MY OPINION : A real slap in the face of realism. A very sensitive acting game. This is a pure masterpiece, a little gem. You will understand, I loved the series. The lawyer’s phrase “you never condemn the police” sums up this successful and addicting series from start to finish, carried by impeccable cast right down to small roles.
In short, there is absolutely nothing to throw away, from the plot to the acting through the production, the script. It’s a pretty harsh series that shows the class struggle in America and the fact that things are not easy, even more so when you are not white. This poor kid who hadn’t asked for anything is immediately labeled, dragged through the mud when in the end he is the victim! Unfortunately, this is a news series! In summary, Seven Seconds unfortunately speaks of a fairly common problem in the United States where the African-American community is often targeted by the police and where injustice reigns.
Look there without further delay.



Synopsis : This is the true story of five teenage boys, four African Americans and one Hispanic, who will be wrongfully accused and sentenced for the rape of a jogger in Centrale Park in New York in 1989 when they are innocent. and that the real culprit managed to escape …

My opinion : A slap ! A shock series that deeply marked me. We have so much rage watching this series. I find it hard to call it “series” because we are at the limit of documentary, all of this is of course a true story and it turns our stomachs even more and gives this masterpiece a dimension. much larger. This is the kind of series / movie that haunts you long after you finish watching it and keeps you from falling asleep because it has so upset you. Rarely have I felt so much emotion watching a series. Ava Du Vernay proves once again that she is a very great director. The actors are awesome and I was hooked on every story of these five kids. In addition, the series does not fall into “sensationalism” or the tearful. It is only concerned with showing reality. A must-see series!

And you, what are your favorite series? What about the ones you want to watch?



After a monster success of Sex and the City, Darren Star resurfaces with a strongly similar story titled Emily in Paris. I started watching this series seeing a lot of negative comments on Twitter. I really thought I wouldn’t hang on… but from the first episode, I loved it. The story is nice, funny, the actress is perfect for the role. Although slightly idyllic. It’s a series that allows you to relax after a long day at college or after work. The characters are very endearing. There are certainly clichés but you have to take them second-degree and I even find that the French are rather highlighted in this series.

Emily in Paris is certainly not the vision of a Parisian but that of an outside person and that feels good. Watch this series, without taking your head, just the pleasure of having a good time. Emily in Paris, despite her notable flaws, nonetheless recalls that it is always sweet to listen to your heart and to overcome certain barriers while remaining yourself.

This first season ends with a heavy secret. Which suggests that a second season will likely see the light of day if audiences follow suit. We only have to hope for a more realistic sequel, so as not to let the series become cloistered in this tiresome idealization.

Las daily

Synopsis : Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) a young American from Washington, arrives in Paris for professional reasons. Her employer recently acquired a struggling French Marketing agency, Emily must bring her expertise and above all an American touch, to the forefront of social networks. She will have to adapt to her new Parisian life, face a demanding boss, a team of collaborators resistant to change and especially loneliness. Adapting to Parisian life is not going to be easy for Emily who will experience a real culture shock while juggling her new career, her new friends and her private life. She will have to adapt to French mores and the many clichés that follow.

Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments what you – thought of the series.