I love to lay on my bed with my computer and spend hours crying, laughing, getting angry … in front of these characters that ….. And thanks to platforms like Netflix or Amazon prime video, we have access to an impressive number of series on a wide variety of subjects. We suddenly find something interesting to watch, so I recommend his series:

My faithful friend


Synopsis: A single mother begins an adulterous affair with a married man. The young woman becomes friends with the scorned wife. The more she dates with each other, the more she wonders about the terrible secrets these two can hide behind the appearance of a happy and successful marriage.

MY OPINION : An effective series worthy of a good psychological thriller. This series literally took my breath away and this ending… what can I say! really what to say! it’s a real twist. The acting is simply impressive and the outcome of the series is just magnificent, when we arrive at the end, everything turns upside down in our brain, we can go so far as to question everything so much nobody can expect to such an end.



Synopsis: The true story of Marie, a teenage girl accuses of lying about being raped, and of the investigation by two detectives.

MY OPINION : What a slap !! I don’t think any show has gripped my stomach and heart so much as this one.
This is the story of Marie Adler, a raped young woman whose testimony is questioned until the police force her to admit that she lied. From then on, we are faced with a traumatized young woman to whom everyone turns their backs for this lie which is not a lie. The story could have ended there, if her rapist was not a serial criminal, who will be tracked down by two much more conscientious policewomen, a few states away.
The script makes effective everything this story has to share: We feel an immense hatred in the face of the visceral injustice that is unfolding before our eyes, the distress of the victims, the disgust for the police officers doing their jobs badly, and a mad envy. to accompany and support those who will do everything to track down the serial rapist in question … This is the follow-up of a police investigation as well as the daily follow-up of a rape victim humiliated and rejected by his relatives whom she can no longer trust.




Synopsis : Annalize Keating has all the qualities required in a criminal law professor. Bright, passionate, creative and charismatic, she also symbolizes everything you wouldn’t expect: sexy, unpredictable and dangerous. Whether in a trial or in a classroom, Annalize is ruthless. A defense lawyer, she represents criminals, from the most violent to those suspected of simple fraud. His goal is to do almost everything in his power to gain their freedom. In addition, each year Annalize selects a group of students, who turn out to be the smartest and most promising, to come and work in her practice. Because learning from Annalize is the opportunity of a lifetime, one that can change everything for these students, and this forever. This is exactly what happens when they find themselves implicated in an assassination that will rock the whole university …

My opinion : incredible series, endearing characters with life stories as poignant as each other, essential casting, breathtaking intrigues, emotional encounters, unexpected upheavals organized in such a way as to surprise and please the viewer. Even if some passages can be boring or heavy, they are nonetheless essential at the end of the seasons where everything unraveled giving me a feeling of enormous joy and relief. I will just say that the end of the series is just right perfect with the culmination of everything. As we often say, the loop comes full circle.




Synopsis: Tensions escalate in Jersey City when a teenage boy from the African American community is seriously injured by a police officer …

MY OPINION : A real slap in the face of realism. A very sensitive acting game. This is a pure masterpiece, a little gem. You will understand, I loved the series. The lawyer’s phrase “you never condemn the police” sums up this successful and addicting series from start to finish, carried by impeccable cast right down to small roles.
In short, there is absolutely nothing to throw away, from the plot to the acting through the production, the script. It’s a pretty harsh series that shows the class struggle in America and the fact that things are not easy, even more so when you are not white. This poor kid who hadn’t asked for anything is immediately labeled, dragged through the mud when in the end he is the victim! Unfortunately, this is a news series! In summary, Seven Seconds unfortunately speaks of a fairly common problem in the United States where the African-American community is often targeted by the police and where injustice reigns.
Look there without further delay.



Synopsis : This is the true story of five teenage boys, four African Americans and one Hispanic, who will be wrongfully accused and sentenced for the rape of a jogger in Centrale Park in New York in 1989 when they are innocent. and that the real culprit managed to escape …

My opinion : A slap ! A shock series that deeply marked me. We have so much rage watching this series. I find it hard to call it “series” because we are at the limit of documentary, all of this is of course a true story and it turns our stomachs even more and gives this masterpiece a dimension. much larger. This is the kind of series / movie that haunts you long after you finish watching it and keeps you from falling asleep because it has so upset you. Rarely have I felt so much emotion watching a series. Ava Du Vernay proves once again that she is a very great director. The actors are awesome and I was hooked on every story of these five kids. In addition, the series does not fall into “sensationalism” or the tearful. It is only concerned with showing reality. A must-see series!

And you, what are your favorite series? What about the ones you want to watch?