Hello, I hope you are doing well at the start of the week! everything is fine here, morale boost with the arrival of spring (even if it is very cold at the moment). Social networks are a significant source of information, communication and entertainment and I am not ready to let them down. But we have to admit that we always feel better when we avoid excesses and that there are a lot of other options available to us rather than endlessly scrolling aimlessly. . Solidarity, solitary, outdoor, militant, recreational alternatives, online or not. Today I’m talking about things to do instead of scrolling aimlessly on your phone like we all do sometimes.


What is your morning routine? What is the first thing you usually do as soon as you open your eyes in the morning? If your first action is to systematically check your phone, then give up this bad habit right away. By consulting your phone when you wake up, you waste a lot of time concentrating on futile, even useless things, who are not actually there. All this to postpone, what you can do during this important moment of your day. The first hour of the day is crucial. This is where it all comes down to it. Hence the importance of developing an effective morning routine. It will determine and define your state of mind throughout the day. It will determine and define your state of mind throughout the day. When I go to sleep at night, for example, I leave my phone in another room of the house and I have also invested in an alarm clock. In the morning I don’t touch my phone until I finish getting ready to go to work, for example. And if I’m not working, I take the opportunity to do a little meditation, write the scripts for my YouTube videos, plan my blog posts or simply go out for some fresh air…


I find it increasingly difficult to stay focused on a task, because there are so many distractions, notifications and demands that come our way all the time! Of course, it is also unrealistic to expect to stay focused for hours at a time. What I do is time how many hours I’m supposed to spend in a day in front of my apps. I also used to work with « TO DO LIST »: I write down everything I have to do in a day or during the week and I check off what I have already done as I go along. I also recommend the Pomodoro technique: the objective is to stay 100% focused on a single task for 25 min (called a session), a short break of 5 min separates each session and then a longer break comes after multiple sessions. In short, this technique is very simple to use: all you need is a timer and iron discipline while remaining tough and effective.


We’ve all had that nasty feeling of talking to someone, but not feeling fully listened to, because the other person is staring at their phone. Since we know it’s something painful to feel, let’s try not to make others suffer it either. We often spend so much time on social media apps and sites that we don’t realize how much time we’re wasting with friends and family in real life. So let’s make a conscious effort to spend healthy, quality time with our friends and family offline. Let’s make sure we don’t pick up our phone unless absolutely necessary. Whether it’s over a meal or watching a movie, let’s focus on being present in the moment rather than posting to our Instagram or Facebook page.


If there’s one thing I like to do these last few months while I’m tidying up or cooking, or while I’m cleaning, it’s listening to podcasts. Otherwise I also like to listen to audiobooks with audible.


We accumulate a lot of mess over time. Decluttering your house/apartment often allows you to have a freer and lighter mind as if you had tidied up your head at the same time as at home. The goal is to find your things more quickly and you gain plenty of space to store them. It’s so much easier and faster to clean up afterwards. The fewer objects you have, the fewer things you have to store, clean, dust off…in short, the more tidy and easy to clean it is, the more motivated you are to keep the space that way. Besides, you can make a few pennies by selling things you no longer use. It often makes you want to reduce your consumption. And when you see all the stuff you’re piling up and the energy it takes to get rid of it, you think twice before buying new things. All benefits for the wallet and the environment! And you ? What is your relationship with your phone? Do you sometimes feel like you’re scrolling aimlessly?



Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. Let’s extend International Women’s Day with a small selection of initiatives that I find important. But before that, let’s make it clear again, March 8 is not Women’s Day, but that of our rights. The purpose of March 8is not that we have promotions on make-up, lingerie or household appliances, but that we can take stock of where we are in the fight for fairness and equal rights. Quite simply because everywhere on the planet, in 2022, we are not there yet, and as one would say: the fight continues. It’s a day to gather, discuss, reflect and see how to move forward even more together in the face of a lack of visibility, credibility and respect, not a day to receive the roses.


Victim of sexual and educational violence in her childhood,Axelle Jah Njikerecounts her resilience and the paths that led her to become a voice that counts among black feminist women. It’s a book that marks, that upsets, that proves that the experience of a single woman can resonate with many women. She also has a podcast: Me MySex and I (two Fridays a month). By listening to this podcast, we enter the lives of black women through a very small door that we usually rarely open:intimacy.


JE TE CROIS est un podcast en plusieurs épisodes dans lesquels une femme RACHIDA raconte les mécanismes de l’emprise, de la violence conjugale et de comment elle a réussi à s’en sortir pour aider d’autres femmes victimes. I find that the podcast is very well done, because it covers various aspects with qualified speakers… in short, Rachida will take us to meet those who believed her precisely, those who held out a hand to her, those whom she also had to confront. . This is a podcast that I really recommend you listen to.


This mini-series is not just entertainment, it is a documentary that addresses sexual violence in the different forms it can take. She also talks about the importance of sorority and the weight of intergenerational trauma… The series seems necessary, as it shows in an uninhibited way the daily life of racialized individuals, and the reality of the psychological violence experienced by victims of sexual assault.


Blues et féminisme noir explore l’œuvre de deux blueswomen quelque peu oubliées : Gertrude “Ma” Rainey (1886-1939) et Bessie Smith (1894-1937). The first embodies the traditional blues, the second, the classic blues. Devalued by blues and jazz specialists who are generally white men, the work of these singers carries a specific message: it affirms the place and demands for autonomy of black American women. By analyzing and contextualizing the lyrics of their songs, Angela Davis highlights the beginnings of black feminism and the harbingers of the great emancipatory struggles to come. It shows that Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith were the first rock stars in the history of music: they were black, bisexual, party girls, independent and brawlers…


Les Glorieuses est une newsletter féministe créée en 2015 qui fait la promotion de l’égalité totale entre hommes et femmes : chaque semaine, les Glorieuses aborde différentes thématiques telles que les discriminations de genre, le post-féminisme, les inégalités salariales, la littérature, la culture ou la sexualité. But Les Glorieuses also forms a community of 300 members who regularly organize meetings and events around the feminist struggle.


Tchika mag is the first magazine for girls aged 7 to 12. The magazine covers themes such as science, ecology, animals, evolving professions. Tchika also presents portraits of important and influential people. A fun and exciting magazine for young girls who want to learn while having fun.

And you ?
What have been your favorites or recent discoveries?



Every year, January is a month that I always look forward to. Every year, January is a month I always look forward to. Not only is it the first month of the year (the most depressing month according to psychologists), but it’s my birthday month. I don’t know about you, but I like to commemorate my birth. I love celebrating my birthday, I love celebrating life, how lucky I am to wake up every morning and be healthy, have a place to sleep, have lovely parents who are always there for you, to have loved ones I can count on…in short, to have love, kindness around me.
I like getting old, I like getting old, that’s a fact. And it always makes me smile to see the reaction of my interlocutors when I say that without flinching.And it always makes me smile to see the reaction of my interlocutors when I say that without flinching. Besides, one of my relatives told me this morning “you are brave to put your age on your WhatsApp status”, to which I replied that I was not ashamed of my age and that I am aware that certain. just weren’t lucky enough to reach the age I am today. Whether in my childhood neighborhood, in high school, at university or in my surroundings, I have seen many people my age who have died and who would have been 29 today like me if life no had not decided otherwise. Because of this, I feel blessed and grateful to be here today, here and now and to be able to enjoy every moment.
It was with great gratitude that I woke up this morning. I have a new chance to enjoy life and continue to achieve my dreams. For these 29 years, I simply wish myself good health and the rest will follow. Besides, I trust the universe as usual.
So I thank universe for my family, my friends, all the people I love, those who love me and support me on a daily basis. Thank you to you who follow me on my various social networks and a big thank you for your messages. How do you celebrate your birthday?

Pat McGrath or the Mother of the make up

Pat McGrath or the Mother of the make up

279 / 5000 keyboard Résultats de traduction Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist of Jamaican origin who graduated from an art school, she has never taken makeup lessons, but her first lessons in this area will be instilled in her by her mother who thus transmits her passion for makeup and fashion.

She participated in the development of the Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci cosmetic lines. And has made the make-up of more than 60 fashion shows during each Fashion Week, from Milan to Paris via London and New York. The biggest brands like Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton; Versace trusted him.

After a few years of experience in the beauty industry, Pat founded his own cosmetics brand at the end of 2017: Pat McGrath Labs. Its products are creating buzz around the world for their beauty and quality and attracting stars like: Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson.

Make up

In 2017, she received the Isabella Blow Prize at the Fashion Awards, an award for creativity and innovation in the field of fashion. Fashion Popess Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue US) proclaimed her the most influential makeup artist in the world and Elisabeth II named her a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services in the industry of fashion and beauty.

An emblematic figure in the world of beauty, Pat is one of the make up pioneers and the most influential make up artist in the world. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not Kylie Jenner’s brand that is the most successful in the world, but Pat McGrath’s that is worth around a billion dollars. As you will understand, the most influential woman in the make up world is black.

And you ? do you know this internationally renowned Make up artist and her cosmetic brand?