After a monster success of Sex and the City, Darren Star resurfaces with a strongly similar story titled Emily in Paris. I started watching this series seeing a lot of negative comments on Twitter. I really thought I wouldn’t hang on… but from the first episode, I loved it. The story is nice, funny, the actress is perfect for the role. Although slightly idyllic. It’s a series that allows you to relax after a long day at college or after work. The characters are very endearing. There are certainly clichés but you have to take them second-degree and I even find that the French are rather highlighted in this series.

Emily in Paris is certainly not the vision of a Parisian but that of an outside person and that feels good. Watch this series, without taking your head, just the pleasure of having a good time. Emily in Paris, despite her notable flaws, nonetheless recalls that it is always sweet to listen to your heart and to overcome certain barriers while remaining yourself.

This first season ends with a heavy secret. Which suggests that a second season will likely see the light of day if audiences follow suit. We only have to hope for a more realistic sequel, so as not to let the series become cloistered in this tiresome idealization.

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Synopsis : Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) a young American from Washington, arrives in Paris for professional reasons. Her employer recently acquired a struggling French Marketing agency, Emily must bring her expertise and above all an American touch, to the forefront of social networks. She will have to adapt to her new Parisian life, face a demanding boss, a team of collaborators resistant to change and especially loneliness. Adapting to Parisian life is not going to be easy for Emily who will experience a real culture shock while juggling her new career, her new friends and her private life. She will have to adapt to French mores and the many clichés that follow.

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