“From nothing”: a book that combines autobiography and advice for business creators

“Part of Nothing” is a book by female entrepreneur Hapsatou Sy released in April 2017. The author tells us with sincerity and without tongue-in-cheek her story as a business leader: how she came up with the idea of creating her own business, her journey through entrepreneurship with its successes, its joys, its strength of determination , its disappointments and especially its failures.

This book, which begins and ends with his father (a very nice tribute, isn’t it?), Is easy to read. It is rich in experiences, anecdotes, advice and also interviews with top experts who allow readers to project themselves into the world of entrepreneurship. So it’s hard to define whether this is an entrepreneurial advice book or an autobiography.

Sparkling and ambitious, HapsatouSy has made a place for herself in society by drawing her strengths from her history, moreover she says it in her book:“we all have the richness of our history, we must draw strength from it” . In reality, she reveals that she did not start from nothing, because her father’s journey, having left his native village to reach France, was for her an immense vector of motivation and therefore, to give glory to her past. father, she wanted to give everything to succeed and pay a great tribute to her parents and loved ones.


My opinion

Hapsatou Sy’s story is very inspiring, especially since she does not sell us dreams in her entrepreneurial journey. Following her on social media, I wanted to get to know her a little more through her book and I was not disappointed. She has a very good career that she has been able to explain to us in a simple and effective way in this book. His madness and determination are not only a source of motivation, but also an example to set for everyone. She shows us that with willpower, we can get there even if everything is still not rosy.

She shows us that with willpower, we can get there even if everything is still not rosy. I therefore recommend it to all ambitious people who aspire to beautiful things and who one day wish to look at their journey behind them by saying to themselves: “it was not easy, but I did it, I succeeded” . Quite simply because we have to give ourselves the means to achieve our dreams and not stop fighting in the face of failure. Hapsatou’s testimony is a gold mine for those who dream of forging a destiny that matches their ambitions.

Have you read this book before? If so what did you think?